Reply To: Ideating on the network of African Smart Cities and Smart Villages

Denham Goulbourne

Hi you all, So far only four of us are in this group, that is OK, over time it will grow, as long are we start somewhere.
We need to start checking our email and this forum more often for new information. We all have to try our best to post additional stuff and ideas in this forum on a regular basis. Also tell a friend about ADDI and this forum. A friend of mine Just moved to Ghana and she love it there. I will try and get some additional information from her and post them. This is all very new to all of us, so each of us have to do our own research about different things then share them. I am still interested in starting a zoom meeting on Saturdays, but I do not know at what time to start it. I was thinking at 12 noon, is that time is ok with everyone? please let me know.

If anyone would like to add me to their Facebook page, please feel free to do so. I am going to try and startup a Facebook page for this group. I will keep you all posted.