Ideating on the network of African Smart Cities and Smart Villages

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    Ziphozihle Kati

    Would the advent of Smart Cities such as Wakanda One and Akon City, I would love to ideate on how we might build a network of these types of cities and Smart villages as we wouldn’t want a trend of rural-to-urban migration that inundates urban resources. Urban and rural living should be equally valued and developed.

    Gustav James

    The challenge is education, employment and income. People migrate to urban areas to find these things. Often trading a healthy rural environment for a substandard shanty town existence. To break this trend there needs to be opportunities available to those living in the rural communities. Being able to go to school and work online increases the potential for rural living.


    Kindly add me to this platform for future engagement/webinars. I wish to contribute on the issues of PR and marketing. My email is

    Sean Lucky

    Smart Villages ; love it! here in the USofKKK I have created a blueprint for a “Veterans Tiny Home Community” which uses 100% sustainable energy (solar/wind etc). Being that the love is gone for this country I’ve been looking at returning to the Motherland. Would love to team up with like minded folks and put this into action. Solar regardless has to be part of whatever future planning goes on as Fossil Fuels are a) killing us all together b) sustainable energy is our ownly future. Thanks

    Denham Goulbourne

    I love the smart city idea. I have some ideas of what it should entail also. This is relative all new to a lot of us, but we can do it. We need to have or crate a platform which we all can submit all our ideas and suggestions then we can all discuss there viability and plan how we would implement them. we are all very smart people and this is our opportunity to make a difference in Affrica and the world. This platform is a start so let’s all just putting out all of our ideas on it and see where it goes from here. This is too long overdue, we all have been sitting on the sideline doing nothing but thinking and talking, it’s now time for action, so here we go.
    Yes we can, and united we stand.
    Okay, enough of that. My name is Denham Goulbourne. I am a Jamaican and I am living in Florida, USA. I am retired, I used to work with computers for 33 years. I have a free membership informational website which is named It contains a wide verity of useful information, please check it out. I also have a great blueprint for a small or medium size, profitable model farm. I also have some other ideas which I will submit in the future. I can be reached at for any comments or suggestion. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

    P.S. I also have a Zoom account and I am thinking of starting up a weekly Zoom ADDI members meeting on Saturdays, so we can meet face to face and start talking to each others about our ides and plans. Please reply to this post and feel free to email me. God Bless Africa and you all.


    Yes, please add me to this group. Re-establishing the Black Nation in Africa is very doable and would not take very long in getting started. The majority of the time, 6-months to a 1-year would be spent on training stakeholders in the new business model that I support, which works across any business type, and then focusing on capacity building. The model I support represents a paradigm shift to the current, typical corporate business model. I’m confident this idea is the answer!

    Sean Lucky

    Count me “in”; actually already have plans on coming home in the near future to enact/live my vision of a “Green Village”. But, yeah please add me as well…

    Denham Goulbourne

    Hi you all, So far only four of us are in this group, that is OK, over time it will grow, as long are we start somewhere.
    We need to start checking our email and this forum more often for new information. We all have to try our best to post additional stuff and ideas in this forum on a regular basis. Also tell a friend about ADDI and this forum. A friend of mine Just moved to Ghana and she love it there. I will try and get some additional information from her and post them. This is all very new to all of us, so each of us have to do our own research about different things then share them. I am still interested in starting a zoom meeting on Saturdays, but I do not know at what time to start it. I was thinking at 12 noon, is that time is ok with everyone? please let me know.

    If anyone would like to add me to their Facebook page, please feel free to do so. I am going to try and startup a Facebook page for this group. I will keep you all posted.

    Sean Lucky

    Hello All,

    I’m here 🙂 … Just doing hella research in the background/shadows. Preparation is everything. My lil brother and I are creating/refining our “Plan” to leave the UnitedSnakesOfAmeriKKKa and permanently be re-home ourselves in Afrika. We’re also working on a Eco/Sustainable Village idea; upon which after we reach the Mother will network with our Like-Minded Afrikan brothas/sistas. Incorporate the best ideas from all into the “blueprint” then setforth in manifesting the Vision. Peace all, I’m damn near alwayz open for chat. Let’s keep it moving, slow and steady wins the Race. Life is not a competition but rather a Journey. One…

    Isaiah Oluwatobi

    Hi everyone,

    This is just great I must say, I love all the ideas and a the willingness to do more than just talk, I’ve got some ideas myself as well, but I must confess these idea of smart cities are just great.

    I’m however in the motherland and there’s plenty of land to begin executing these projects here, and just in case any of y’all are thinking of dropping by the west of Africa, I’m your guy. Lots of things we can accomplish together.

    Feel free to chat me up on WhatsApp: +22967613946 or write me and email at

    Alexandros Taderera

    The simplest smart city/village is one with internet connection. We don’t need schools. We only need internet (and not for tiktok). After that human ingenuity with take over and do the rest.

    However if we’re keen for a Wakanda, Paul Romer’s idea of charter cities is worth looking at. HOWEVER, cities are organisms that use network effects to generate increasing returns to scale. Thus we need to pick sectors where participants need to be in one place to reap all the benefits. If there are no such sectors, we’ll just be building White Elephants.

    Leslie Blair

    I love the idea of Veterans Tiny Home Community which uses 100% Sustainable energy. We can also add water harvesting ( collecting rain water ), treatment of sewage to generate electricity,recycling and composting

    Nkrumah Khafra

    As Black People let us please recognize that we live in an extremely decadent world, meaning that it started off badly and it keeps getting worse.

    So it behoves us not to follow everything the Western world of Racist Apartheid minded White People put forward.

    We need to stay away from this concept of Smart Cities and in general this AI Technology which is primarily a Weapon of Mass Control (WMC).

    Very soon we would have alot of foolish people running around like fish out of water if they don’t have their technological gargets with them and unable to use their own Brains.

    Not to mention the millions more of People who will be out of Jobs.

    Remember if you don’t use it you would lose it.

    I have been an IT Professional for over 40 years and i see very clearly what they are doing.

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