Legacy Project

Bridging The Gap Between The African Diaspora Youth And The Motherland Africa

Our children are not going to know Africa through osmosis. We are taking a page out of the Jewish playbook. Starting with students in third or fourth year of college, the ADDI is raising funds in order to connect the African youths in the Diaspora with their brothers and sisters on the African continent. The funds raised will be used to provide a round-trip ticket to Africa.

While in Africa the students will stay in the dormitory at the University and will be assigned to a host family who they can visit after school and on weekends. It’s the least we can do to bring and raise a new generation of African Diaspora who understand that they are Africans and that Africa is home. We have a responsibility to our children to help them reconnect with their anchor which is Africa. The plan is to raise $1 million in the next twelve months in order to begin this very important program.

Donate today and assist ADDI in educating the children of African descent about their heritage.

On Behalf of the entire ADDI Team, thank you for your generous financial contribution.

Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori- Quao, MD