About ADDI

The Bridge Between Africa & The African Diaspora

The African Diaspora Development Institute was born out of the desire to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa. There currently is no one resource to easily find information about Africa. ADDI aims to become that resource.

We have come to the realization that the current status of the African economy is due to the mass exodus of the African Diaspora out of Africa. This exodus began with the loss of Africa’s children through slavery 400 years ago, followed by the recent Migrants who left Africa in search of greener pastures or running away from famine and wars. The children of Africa have ended up in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. African Heads of State are calling on all people of African Descent (African Diaspora) to come back home and build the Africa we want.

Due to slavery and colonization, Africa and her children on the Continent and abroad are a wounded people and we need healing. ADDI was formed to heal these wounds by reconnecting all people of African Descent with our roots in Africa, The Motherland. We plan to open ADDI offices in all African countries in order to give the African governments easy access to the African Diaspora. Through our extensive database, our hope is that the African governments will gift the African diaspora businesses in collaboration with the businesses on the continent, first right of refusal of all developmental contracts in Africa, national and continental projects.

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  • To promote unity among the African Diaspora and to  encourage them to participate in the development of Africa
  • To educate the African Diaspora about investment opportunities in Africa
  • To promote the African Continental Free Trade Area to the African Diaspora.

Mandate and pave the way for the African diaspora to participate in the development of Africa. The African diaspora is all people of African descent living outside Africa regardless of where they were born, aka the 6th region.