President: Abdel-Aziz Bouteflika (1999)
Prime Minister: Abdelmalek Sellal (2012)
Total area: 919,590 sq mi (2,381,741 sq km)
Population (2014 est.): 38,813,722 (growth rate: 1.88%); birth rate: 23.99/1000; infant mortality rate: 21.76/1000; life expectancy: 76.39; density per sq mi: 42.2

Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Algiers, 2,916,000
Other large cities: Oran, 783,000; Constantine, 530,100; Batna, 278,100; Annaba, 246,700
Monetary unit: Dinar
National name: Al Jumhuriyah al Jaza’iriyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Sha’biyah
Ethnicity/race: Arab-Berber 99%, European less than 1%
Religion: Muslim (official; predominantly Sunni) 99%, other (includes Christian and Jewish) <1%
National Holiday: Revolution Day, November 1
Literacy rate: 79%
Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2013 est.): $284.7 billion; per capita $7,500. Real growth rate: 3.1%. Inflation: 3.9%. Unemployment: 10.3%. Arable land: 3.15%. Agriculture: wheat, barley, oats, grapes, olives, citrus, fruits; sheep, cattle. Labor force: 11.15 million; agriculture 14%, industry 13.4%, construction and public works 10%, trade 14.6%, government 32%, other 16% (2003 est.). Industries: petroleum, natural gas, light industries, mining, electrical, petrochemical, food processing. Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, uranium, lead, zinc. Exports: $68.2 billion f.o.b. (2013 est.): petroleum, natural gas, and petroleum products 97%. Imports: $55.02 billion f.o.b. (2013 est.):capital goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods. Major trading partners: France, Italy, China, Germany, Spain, U.S., Netherlands, Canada, UK, Brazil (2012)
Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 3.2 million (2012); mobile cellular: 37.692 million (2012). Internet hosts: 676 (2012). Internet users: 4.7 million (2012).
Transportation: Railways: total: 3,973 km (2011). Highways: total: 113,655 km; (2011). Ports and harbors: Algiers, Annaba, Arzew, Bejaia, Djendjene, Jijel, Mostaganem, Oran, Skikda. Airports: 157 (2013).

Fun Facts

  • National animal is the Fennec fox
  • Official religion of Algeria is Islam
  • Algeria has some of the best dates in the world
  • Country has been ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Germanic tribes, Spaniards, Turks, and the French
  • A mint tea known as Etzai is the most popular gift
  • Algeria produces its own citrus fruit, grapes, cherries, figs, and dates
  •  Home to 7 of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Only 12% of the country is inhabited, heavily covered by the Sahara
  • Algeria is the largest country in Africa, 10th largest in the world
  • Competed in every summer Olympics since 1964
  • A debt-free country, it owes no money to other countries
  • Algeria primarily exports fossil fuels