Reply To: Ideating on the network of African Smart Cities and Smart Villages

Denham Goulbourne

I love the smart city idea. I have some ideas of what it should entail also. This is relative all new to a lot of us, but we can do it. We need to have or crate a platform which we all can submit all our ideas and suggestions then we can all discuss there viability and plan how we would implement them. we are all very smart people and this is our opportunity to make a difference in Affrica and the world. This platform is a start so let’s all just putting out all of our ideas on it and see where it goes from here. This is too long overdue, we all have been sitting on the sideline doing nothing but thinking and talking, it’s now time for action, so here we go.
Yes we can, and united we stand.
Okay, enough of that. My name is Denham Goulbourne. I am a Jamaican and I am living in Florida, USA. I am retired, I used to work with computers for 33 years. I have a free membership informational website which is named It contains a wide verity of useful information, please check it out. I also have a great blueprint for a small or medium size, profitable model farm. I also have some other ideas which I will submit in the future. I can be reached at for any comments or suggestion. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

P.S. I also have a Zoom account and I am thinking of starting up a weekly Zoom ADDI members meeting on Saturdays, so we can meet face to face and start talking to each others about our ides and plans. Please reply to this post and feel free to email me. God Bless Africa and you all.