Reply To: African Diaspora owned cargo ship

Denham Goulbourne

Hi you all, I a very sorry I was not able to get back to this forum sooner, because I was a bit busy and side tracked with a lot of things.
I am now ready to devote more time in the development of this sector of ADDI. I am not sure about any development which have taken place so far, if there was any, could someone bring me up to speed. I am still offering the opportunity to start a Zoom meeting and talk about how we would go forward and develop this sector. I have a lot of ideas and I would like to talk about them and start putting them into action. We all have to start taking action.
Yes we can.

I would like to start the first zoom meeting on Saturday 3/19/2022. Please let me know if you all are interesting in it. I will post the link for it next week