African Diaspora owned cargo ship


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    Sherrill Quarterman

    Hello, My name is Sherrill Quarterman. I am interested in Marketing logistics products, goods and services. Is their any way of getting more info on this project?
    Phone: 912.452.0799
    Located In the State of Georgia

    Roderick Mitchell

    Awesome idea I love it my brothers and sisters.

    George Lackey

    Great idea!

    Andreia Varela

    The idea is wonderful and necessary. But I have some questions these ideas will be communicated to ADDI and then presented to the public as it was done with the other investments and the investments will be made through ADDI. Or is this just for companies that intend to do the part?
    If not through ADDI, the responsibility is each one, I am not available to make an investment. I see professional/personal emails without any mention of ADDI.

    Daniel Lewis

    I think this is a Great Ideal and I can see where it is needed. The question I have also is where does ADDI fit into this.

    Philip Sumpter

    Hey brothers/sisters…

    Does anyone know the reason why I cannot create a new topic on this forum?

    I made several attempts posting less and less content. I even tried posting the heading only with no other content.

    I cannot create a new topic whatsoever.


    This is a wonderful idea. I would interested if it really moves from idea stage


    Base on the interest maybe it is time to turn this over to ADDI officials.


    not knowing if this is still live. I am interested. please include me for any updates and initiatives at

    Denham Goulbourne

    Hi you all, I a very sorry I was not able to get back to this forum sooner, because I was a bit busy and side tracked with a lot of things.
    I am now ready to devote more time in the development of this sector of ADDI. I am not sure about any development which have taken place so far, if there was any, could someone bring me up to speed. I am still offering the opportunity to start a Zoom meeting and talk about how we would go forward and develop this sector. I have a lot of ideas and I would like to talk about them and start putting them into action. We all have to start taking action.
    Yes we can.

    I would like to start the first zoom meeting on Saturday 3/19/2022. Please let me know if you all are interesting in it. I will post the link for it next week

    Denham Goulbourne

    We all need to be more pro-active and start visiting this forum more often at least once or twice week. We also need to do our own research about the different areas of logistics then post on this forum some of what you find. This is one in a lifetime opportunity for us to come together and work together, so we can help develop Africa and improve our lifestyle.
    This is all new to us but we can do it. Yes we can…

    Abdul Thoronka

    Dear Denham and all,
    Did this zoom meeting go as planned this past Sat. March 19th?


    Niche cocoa is opening a plant in Wisconsin USA great business opportunity. Said they will ship products by sea.

    Isaiah Oluwatobi

    Very interesting idea, I personally for not know why its so ridiculously expensive getting things across from the USA to Benin, I tried twice without success, not only was it expensive to transport but the packages were lost, like totally lost, I tracked it a few times and it kept telling me arrived but it was lost in Benin, like nowhere to be found, it wasn’t on their systems and there was nobody to turn to for help, I think we need a logistics company that can identify itself with all African countries and offer better services and reasonable price. If you need Intel on how to set up here in Benin and bridge the gap, It would really be helpful, I can stand in as a representative of ADDI here in Benin and will be looking forward to how we can help Africa get a better supply chain system, as per the zoom meeting what happened? And what’s the way forward otherwise we can create a WhatsApp group with permission from ADDI, I think the first thing we should do is to write to ADDI a kind of letter like an authorization sort of to allow us kick start this idea with their support and thereby assign a kind of committee to oversee the affairs of this sector…I’m just thinking, you can share your thoughts too.

    WhatsApp and call is:+22967613946
    Email is:


    It’s seems like we will have to start this ourselves. I started this chat some time ago.
    Let’s get this moving people, a lot of interest but no movement. African Diaspora Trading Company LLC. I also sale coffee.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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