African Diaspora owned cargo ship


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    I’m interested in investing in a African Diaspora own cargo ship. There will be a lot of trading between the American Diaspora, West Indies and Afrca. Don’t want to miss the opportunity.

    Ibrahim Taylor

    Hi, I missed the whole conversation, I just registered can someone tell me more about this.thank you


    just started a conversation checking the interest in the community. looking for a group of investors for logistics and shipping. we must invest in our self. why do we have to depend on others to move our cargo?

    Omri Coke

    That is an excellent idea! A cargo plane would be a good one too.

    Mike WALL

    Hey Willie Todd Williams,

    You have the right idea. I know something about what you are talking about. This idea requires some education and a lot of facts to be addressed but, it can be started relatively inexpensively. I can be reached at:
    Leave me your information there and we will discuss it further.

    Harold Smith

    I think thats a very good idea. We need to take control of our future trades and investments around the world.

    George Gichuhi

    I love this discussion in part because as we speak I have just started a logistics company MziGo logistics offering last mile logistics solutions (cargo Transport + warehousing on demand) to developing countries through a market place platform.
    Pilot phase is in Kenya we have started with the FMCG sector as we also work on resource mobilization.
    Would be glad to tap some insights on the sides on how I can do better.
    Logistics is key interms of how well we build and grow Africa. It’s a sector hugely dominated by others.
    It’s time to chart this path

    Okafor Chidozie

    I’m Igbo. And in Nigeria. The forum I belong to will like to see how we can make this a reality. Igbos are commerce inclined people

    damian cook

    Greetings family,

    I too, am interested in this idea, please keep me posted. I’m the Chair for Jacksonville, FL, and Jacksonville, has an international port.

    Thank you,

    Tanita Gray

    Yes! This is exactly what we need. Please send me a message because I just did a talk about this on YouTube with a group of investors:

    I’d like to help you introduce your idea to them, if you have not already.

    Thank you!



    we need to make this happen . The interest is there.

    Tanita Gray

    Please email me so we can connect with this opportunity.


    Denham Goulbourne

    I am also interested in logic and Marketing. These are very important to the growth of Africa and any business. I have a zoom account, if you are interested we can have a meeting every weekend and see where it goes.

    Peace my brothers and sisters

    One Love
    Denham Goulbourne

    Denham Goulbourne

    P.S. My email address is and


    A zoom meeting would be great

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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