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Denham Goulbourne

Hi you all, Sorry I have not been posting stuff on this forum for a while, I have been very busy with other things, but I am back now and I would like to say that I am very exited with the growth of ADDI. The train in slowly pulling out of the station, you all make sure you jump on board.

There have been a lot of new developments: They are in partnership with a very good and growing bit coin by the name oduwa coin, You can buy some even it is just a small amount. To purchase the coin, go to the ADDI website the click on the ‘Buy Oduda Coin’ at the top of the webpage. They are also coming out with there own credit/debit card, When it comes out try and get one, then deposit your spending money in it then use to buy you groceries, gas and pay your utility bill with it. This way we develop our own spending power. They are also partnering with and investment organization by the name of African Diaspora Revival Fund, this organization is a for-profit organizing, ADDI is a non-profit organization. With this organization you can invest in a wide verity of things which will guarantee a good return on your investment. You should wait about 3-5 years to see a return on your interment.
Visit there website at

We have to constantly marketing ADDI by telling friends and family about it and post it with your social media friends.
Let’s all push to have over one million members join ADDI by thr end of the year. There is 1.3 Billion Africans living in Africa and 1.4 Billion African Diasporas living in the world!!!
Yes We Can…
I am very proud of each of you. Keep up the good work. We are making Marcus Garvey dream come true. Peace.

One Love