Reply To: Pan African benefits to descendants of American slavery include…

Isaiah Oluwatobi

The panAfrican movement is real, just like someone said earlier, its like an orphan that was mistreated for many years and finally reunited with his family who were actually looking for him.

Here in Africa our arms are open wide to welcome you back home, we are also willing to work with you to help make our homes a better place, because most of us lack the exposure, education, finance and technological knowhow and thus suffer. Africans at home are crying out because we remain in the ruins and dumpsters caused by these task masters, we have been long exploited and our hearts turned against each other because of our own ignorance, we need the light, we need the messiah, we need to uphold our roots, because gradually most of us are losing hope in ourselves, we need to be take back what’s ours. #TakeBackAfrica.

I’m so sorry for writing so much here, but I’m in Africa and this is how the average African in Africa feels.

Stay blessed.