Pan African benefits to descendants of American slavery include…

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    Ed Silence

    Please use this thread to to illustrate how Black americans benefit directly from Pan Africanism.

    Gustav James

    Africans in the Diaspora benefit from any accurate knowledge of Africa. To Know that you are from such an amazing place, such awesome land and resources. And to know that the people living in Africa welcome you home, is an incredible boost to our potential.

    Rise Sun

    It’s like being an orphan with abusive caretakers and after many years finding your biological parents, and they were looking for you.

    Judy Jones

    Pan Africanism was started in America by Black Americans, many of the founders gave benefits for reestablishing ties to Africa. It reunites us with our culture, in language, religion, music, the arts, education, fashion, arts, etc. It gives us an opportunity to establish economic connections with counties in Africa the new economic frontier that have the fastest growing economies in the world. We will have another home base like many other Americans in the USA are privilege to have and they use in their political struggles, i.e. Israel, Philippines, Italians, Europeans etc.

    George Jones

    The benefits of Pan-Africanism are many; such as cooperative economic, planning and collaborating to accomplish a common goal.

    Gustav James

    Descendants of slaves and other Africans in the diaspora, I think, bring something very significant to Pan Africanism in that our blood is truly Pan African. We have ancestry from all over Africa. We are the African melting pot.

    Philip Sumpter

    Hey brothers/sisters…

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    GREETINGS FAM!!! For the Diaspora it is FREEDOM! for Africa it is ENDLESS!!!

    Isaiah Oluwatobi

    The panAfrican movement is real, just like someone said earlier, its like an orphan that was mistreated for many years and finally reunited with his family who were actually looking for him.

    Here in Africa our arms are open wide to welcome you back home, we are also willing to work with you to help make our homes a better place, because most of us lack the exposure, education, finance and technological knowhow and thus suffer. Africans at home are crying out because we remain in the ruins and dumpsters caused by these task masters, we have been long exploited and our hearts turned against each other because of our own ignorance, we need the light, we need the messiah, we need to uphold our roots, because gradually most of us are losing hope in ourselves, we need to be take back what’s ours. #TakeBackAfrica.

    I’m so sorry for writing so much here, but I’m in Africa and this is how the average African in Africa feels.

    Stay blessed.

    D. Nicole Hall

    Three years ago, I started my journey to fill the Africa Void. The Africa Void is the quality or hollow state being without knowledge of or connection to Africa. My journey started after finding military and US Census records belonging to my (maternal) grandfather’s father.
    Each record listed my great grandfather as Ethiopian.

    Knowing an exact ethnicity gave me a sense of pride. I started learning—delving deep into learning about Ethiopian, Pan Africanism, Black historians, scholars and archaeologists (Cheikh Anta Diop, John G. Jackson, Chancellor Williams, Dr. John Clarke, Dr. Anthony Browder, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Bunmi Oyinsan, Prof. Kaba Kamene, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Claud Anderson, Tim Wise and Prof. James Small.

    I observe Kwanzaa. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves. I don’t feel ADOS, is the correct term to describe enslavement or prisoners of war.

    My ancestors are human beings, not “slaves”. The term ADOS continues the colonial (framework) dehumanization of African people. Colonial English is very demeaning and always very negative towards oppressed people.

    Recently I had my dad and a cousin, take African Ancestry ancestry (Black owned) DNA testing. My dad, took a MatriClan and PatriClan Test Kits.

    My cousin, is a direct descendant of my (maternal) grandfather’s mom. She took a MatriClan Test Kit. I’m looking forward to receiving the results (Feb 23rd-March 23rd, 2023).

    In 2021, the Sierra Leone Government has created a path to Sierra Leonean citizenship for African Americans who have traced their DNA Heritage to Sierra Leone. I hope more African countries began to offer dual citizenship for legacy descendants.

    Philip Sumpter

    @D. Nicole Hall… Many of us from all walks of life, different backgrounds, and skin colors have awakened and gained Black Afrikan consciousness through whatever means our Afrikan ancestors led us. Your journey, my journey, and every one of our people’s journeys was led by our Afrikan ancestors to find the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

    I encourage you to continue your journey even if it means you and your friends/family don’t see eye to eye. For it’s better to be awakened than asleep not knowing who and what you are.

    Add to your list of scholars another Black scholar, an elder, still living today: Dr. Clyde Winters, a linguist, historian, archeologist, scientific researcher, teacher, etc.

    He is giving us more of our Black/Afrikan history we truly need to know that is helping fill the void, gain more knowledge of ourselves, filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle. Every Thursday for the past year Dr. Winters has been teaching more of our history involving the 4-corners of the world via free lectures on YouTube.

    I encourage you, all our people here, there, and everywhere to watch all of Dr. Winter’s history lectures and learn all the SHOCKING Truths about us and them–meaning non-Black-Afrikan people who corrupted our existence on this planet. A history class, unlike everything you ever witnessed. Yes, our beloved, grandmaster teachers Dr. Clarke, Dr, Ben, Prof. Smalls, Diop, and a host of other Black scholars/historians opened the doors to gaining Black/Afrikan knowledge and knowing our True selves.

    Now there is an expanded path, a higher level our ancestors are bringing to us on our journey to Truthism. They are working me to bring this information to you, my people of all ages, colors, and from all walks of life.

    Dr. Winters is a scientific researcher who brings all data (not some) to teach us including new historical data from all sources such as linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, science, and even law documents.

    Here’s where the unfounded truth, proof through citations comes our way beyond what some of our grandmaster teachers/elders couldn’t provide. Most are/were not scientific researchers but opened our hearts and minds to journey further into knowing more about our Truth Black/Afrikan history–the 4-corners of the world…

    Dr. Clyed Winter helps bring many pieces of the missing puzzle together which is quite extraordinary when hearing/seeing. I’m a student of Black History/Ancient Afrikan History. What I thought I knew, I didn’t know and was not arrogant to know that I was still ignorant and needed more learning. Dr. Winters brings all the receipts, meaning the proof and where to go to research for ourselves. He also teaches how to do scientific research via online classes–perhaps something you and others might be interested in learning how to do scientific research.

    Dr. Clyde Winter’s Black/Afrikan History Lecture…


    Brother, I understand your words. We have all been through so much struggle, as those of the 6th region and those who remained on the continent of Africa.

    I encourage you to continue the struggle by any means necessary…do not lose hope. We all feel the same in our hearts.

    I am doing everything that I can to come to Africa…my hope is to live there and help in this great movement to make Africa stronger and united as one people. Yes, I would like to do business there, but first I know that I must build relationships!

    Hope to visit by the end of the year…would like to see Ghana first!

    Stay encouraged!

    Ivan Kamau

    Inez Edwards

    This is a great benefit for those of us who want to leave America. Does anyone know who to contact to purchase lots and visit the site?

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