Reply To: My Informational Website

Denham Goulbourne

Blessings my brother Andrew, Thanks u for your kind words. I am also a Jamaican who is living in Florida, I also lived in Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx. I am originally from Harbor View. My final destination where I would love to live is Africa. My website is a labor of love, I just love useful information, Africa, Africa history, Africa development and my African people. We as a people have come a long way and still have a long way to go, but together we can make a big difference that is why I love ADDI so much. We all need to unite, unity is the key to our survival and success. I surely believe tat ‘Yes We Can!!!”
So far I am the only one that have been population my website with the exception of the forum section. I do welcome some additional help. If you would like to add anything to my website, please type it up in a word document then attach it to an email and I will a new web page for you then cut and pact whatever you send into that page then publish it. Send the email to Knowledge is power my brother we have to do our best to educate the massive as much as we can. Big up and nuff respect.

One Love
Denham Goulbourne