Reply To: My Informational Website

Denham Goulbourne

Hi IKeashia, Thanks you very much for your kind works and I am very glad that you liked my website. I also liked your website, it is very interesting. I am taking your free course, it is very informative. My website is still growing and I still have a lot of African History and African Information to add to it. I love Africa very much and I am looking forward to going there one day. ADDI is a very wonderful organization and I am looking forward to do whatever I can to help develop Africa, it is well over due. It is only when we all unite, work together and support each other that we can succeed in life. I firmly believe in “Yes We Can!!!” Yes we can unite and we are doing it. We just have to continue doing whatever we are doing because “Together We Stand.”
I will be sending you an email soon and I will be adding your website to my website.

Denham Goulbourne