Reply To: Pan African benefits to descendants of American slavery include…

Philip Sumpter

@D. Nicole Hall… Many of us from all walks of life, different backgrounds, and skin colors have awakened and gained Black Afrikan consciousness through whatever means our Afrikan ancestors led us. Your journey, my journey, and every one of our people’s journeys was led by our Afrikan ancestors to find the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

I encourage you to continue your journey even if it means you and your friends/family don’t see eye to eye. For it’s better to be awakened than asleep not knowing who and what you are.

Add to your list of scholars another Black scholar, an elder, still living today: Dr. Clyde Winters, a linguist, historian, archeologist, scientific researcher, teacher, etc.

He is giving us more of our Black/Afrikan history we truly need to know that is helping fill the void, gain more knowledge of ourselves, filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle. Every Thursday for the past year Dr. Winters has been teaching more of our history involving the 4-corners of the world via free lectures on YouTube.

I encourage you, all our people here, there, and everywhere to watch all of Dr. Winter’s history lectures and learn all the SHOCKING Truths about us and them–meaning non-Black-Afrikan people who corrupted our existence on this planet. A history class, unlike everything you ever witnessed. Yes, our beloved, grandmaster teachers Dr. Clarke, Dr, Ben, Prof. Smalls, Diop, and a host of other Black scholars/historians opened the doors to gaining Black/Afrikan knowledge and knowing our True selves.

Now there is an expanded path, a higher level our ancestors are bringing to us on our journey to Truthism. They are working me to bring this information to you, my people of all ages, colors, and from all walks of life.

Dr. Winters is a scientific researcher who brings all data (not some) to teach us including new historical data from all sources such as linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, science, and even law documents.

Here’s where the unfounded truth, proof through citations comes our way beyond what some of our grandmaster teachers/elders couldn’t provide. Most are/were not scientific researchers but opened our hearts and minds to journey further into knowing more about our Truth Black/Afrikan history–the 4-corners of the world…

Dr. Clyed Winter helps bring many pieces of the missing puzzle together which is quite extraordinary when hearing/seeing. I’m a student of Black History/Ancient Afrikan History. What I thought I knew, I didn’t know and was not arrogant to know that I was still ignorant and needed more learning. Dr. Winters brings all the receipts, meaning the proof and where to go to research for ourselves. He also teaches how to do scientific research via online classes–perhaps something you and others might be interested in learning how to do scientific research.

Dr. Clyde Winter’s Black/Afrikan History Lecture…