Reply To: How can Africans in Africa be part of the movement?

Godefroid Niyonkuru

I live in Rwanda, and I have never been out of it though I wish I can be a part of the diaspora because of the expertise this community has. I have a deep love for Africa, and I wish the diaspora can interact with us through several platforms like Intra-Africa discussions, Webinars and Panafrican forums etc. Nobody else will come and save Africa from France and the west’s exploitation except African themselves. That’s why we should create platforms like these to speak out the injustices that our former colonizers had done and continue to do in Africa. I have been so much inspired by the love and dedication that Dr Arikana has for a better Africa that is treated fairly and respected by the west. Through these platforms we can invite the diaspora to come and share with us the expertise and we sit around the table and brainstorm how we can find solutions to African problems ourselves without begging the west to dictate to us how we should solve them. As I said from the beginning nobody will do it for us, it’s our duty to prioritize our problems and solve them. The main problem that Africa had after independence and continues to have so far is that it has allowed the west to dictate how it should live, trade, lead and engage with the rest of the world. Africans themselves are the ones to design how they should engage and partner with the west and these partnerships must be of win – win not parasitism as it is of today. We need the expertise of the diaspora by interacting with us through platforms like the ones I have mentioned.