Reply To: Africa Day 2023

Godefroid Niyonkuru

Thank you so much bro for bringing this topic, to create Africa we want is a lifelong task that we have to dedicate our lives for and work hard toward realizing this dream. As I have been saying nobody else will come to put an end to the problems that Africa has been suffering from since slavery until now except Africans themselves. This is not an ease work as we will have to face the big fishes that want to continue their legacy of domination and exploitation, Africans need to be united to face these former colonizers and tell them that enough is enough we have woken up and you will no longer pray on us as you have been doing before. I am very happy that young Africans have started to realize this, and they are revolting against imperialists. Take the example of west Africa and Gabon recently where this string of coups has been making headlines, these are not mere coups against the puppet’s governments put in place by France but an Africa wide revolt against France exploitation. This continent was beautiful before slavery and colonization; fertile, booming, climate friendly and peaceful but with the arrival of colonizers it began to lose these God given beauty and become so unbearable as we see it today. Whenever I play and replay the speech of king Leopard II of Belgium’s speech in 1883 instructing the missionaries to preach Africans that everything African was satanic, demonic and had to be erased, replaced by the west’s religion I got devasted by the level of cruelty and savage our people went through these times, that is not even the worst, the thing is that this king ordered missionaries to starve Africans, make them do heavy work for them and whenever they complained they were told that you had to be poor for you to go to heaven and you had to suffer for you to enjoy the fruits and beauty of heaven, this was very devastating and heart breaking. What is shocking is that we still have people who believe in this poor mindset here on the continent till now. Africa has to rise up and stand on its own because it has what it takes to do so.