Reply To: Africa Day 2023

Godefroid Niyonkuru

I just want to share with you what king boduin of Belgium said on the Independence Day in DRC in June 1960. This king praised these actions of cruelty that were started by king leopard the second back then in 1800s, continued by the Belgium government at the time till they gave a fake independence to DRC. In his view, what they had been doing in DRC was for the best of Congolese people, to civilize them, build them hospitals and schools, teach them the word of God and so much more as he narrated. It was so humiliating for a king to mask exploitation with development of the country. In contrary, Mr. Lumumba fearlessly opposed this and contradicted what the king said, and this might had led to his death because he could not accept a fake independence. What followed the termination of Lumumba was heartbreaking, the west installed a dictator named Mobutu who ended up even changing the name of Congo to Zaire, the country that Lumumba wanted to turn into a center of development for the Africa become a center of exploitation by the west helped by this puppet’s government. Mobutu served the interests of France and Belgium for 30 years to the expense of its own people who until now continues to suffer because the governments have been changing but the root cause had never been changed, the invisible hand of former colonizers still dictate and dominate everything in the country. Congo is my neighbor; it has never had peace even after Mubutu’death in 1996 because he was removed by the help of neighboring countries who also put Kabila in power for the same interests of exploitation done by Africans this time. So far, DRC has insecurity problems especially in its eastern part where many mines are located, and the government has no control of this place at all.