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    Maurice Taylor

    I am interested in joining the investment club centered around chicken farms if that’s the name it goes by. My email address is:
    Wondered if anyone thought of variety such as Goose or Duck poultry? What about fish (Samaki) farming?

    Joshua Macklis

    Hi I am interested in investing in farming and chickens. Please contact me at:

    Thank You


    Kindly add me to agriculture investment club. My email address is thank you

    Zatiti Ema

    I am interested investing in organic farming and housing.

    Shedrick Atkins

    My name is shedrick and I’m interested in investing in the chicken farm but. But I would like to know what’s would be the least amount I could get started with?

    Isaiah Oluwatobi

    Hello everyone, who’s adding people to the group, please I’d appreciate more information about this and for us that wants to invest in poultry, farming etc, have you decided on location? A group should be created with authorization from ADDI

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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