So many great people in this organization and so little use of this forum

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    Gustav James

    We all have things to say. Lets talk.

    Clive Watson

    When is the convention happening in Ghana¿
    Do you think it’s the platform setup itself or the people¿

    Gustav James


    I think the Ghana convention is in December. I am looking forward to it. I would like to see more information provided on it. Such as exact dates, location, recommended hotels, goals and objectives.
    This groupie large and powerful. We will be successful if we make it happen.

    Merlene Cover

    Hi Fam! Please check your emails. Flyers were sent out with details for the Trade Expo Dec 2-13 Cape Coast Ghana.
    Please go to <

    Gustav James

    OK. Thanks.


    Hi James and everyone else
    Great initiative!
    the problem is that we need an introduction to the whole ADDI website! Even I have problems getting and navigating. I have been locked out for weeks. Today finally managed to get in.
    But I still cannot access certain things. So back to asking for assistance.

    May I suggest we ask for a zoom on the website?

    Omri Coke

    Good point! This is an opportunity for business networking and social connectivity.

    Philip Sumpter

    Hey brothers/sisters…

    Does anyone know the reason why I cannot create a new topic on this forum?

    I made several attempts posting less and less content. I even tried posting the heading only with no other content.

    I cannot create a new topic whatsoever.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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