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    Good day everyone.
    I just joined ADDI as a nonprofit organization. I have navigated through the members’ landing page but I’m unable to see any specific information yet. Is there another link for members use? I am just trying to understand what I should expect to gain with our membership. I’m suspecting that I don’t have access to the onboarding tools yet.

    I am in Los Angeles. I have sent an email to the chapter head and I look forward to connecting with everyone.

    If anyone can assist me with any onboarding information, I will greatly appreciate it.

    Philip Sumpter

    Hello and Welcome…

    Feel free to reach out to both team members below…

    Team members are volunteers. Things can get slow as far as response times. This is why I suggest contacting both.

    Global Director: Ms. Sylvia Robertson

    Global Director: Ms. Amirah Ansaar

    Denham Goulbourne

    Hi Dr. Francesa Fajinmi. As a basic member, there is not much information that is provided to us because as Phillip state that everyone volunteers their time and service, and with the fast rate of growth of ADDI it is very difficult for them to keep up with everything, they do need help in certain areas. Some of us basic members need to find out how we can help the improve things. Because there is a lot of additional content that needs to be added to the login landing page. We need some people to tell us about the current status of ADDI on a regular basis. We as basic members, need to come together and see what we can do to get additional information.

    Denha Goulbourne

    Germain Nkongo

    Hello there.
    I am attempting to give an answer to the question you asked in the ADDI Forum.
    To my understanding, the best thing to do is to take membership so that you may navigate even through the video library and watch some past zoom meetings which all have a cover page with topic. In addition you will have access to most of all to that is available
    and by this you will discover a lot and get your answer.
    This our ADDI is a treasure chest and there only volunteers running it for the timr being.
    I Hope this helps you to like and contribute in the group. No community can do without its doctors as I see that you are one.
    Blessings !

    D. Nicole Hall

    Thank you for the information.

    Gregory Anderson




    Brother NKongo, thanks for providing this information!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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