The Growth of Africa

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    Denham Goulbourne

    All of us should constantly learn more about Africa and see what we can do to improve it’s growth.
    We should constantly tell friends and family about ADDI website and Africa Development.
    We should constantly edify each other.
    We should learn how to de-brainwash ourselves.
    Think what you can do to improve Africa and it’s people.
    Always believe in yourself and your people.
    Yes we can.
    Constantly post your ideas on this website.

    Omri Coke

    I am definitely looking forward to what ADDI has in store for the continent and diaspora.

    Roderick Mitchell

    Yes the growth and development of mother Africa is very important my brothers and sisters.

    Gustav James

    Events in Guinea, good thing or bad thing?

    Denham Goulbourne

    Yes we can and United we Stand.

    Denham Goulbourne

    We all need to learn Marketing then Market Africa and it’s products, and also Market ADDI.

    We all can come up with different Ideas on how we can Market ADDI.

    ADDI is the fastest growing organization in the would.

    Lets push for a million members by the end of this year.

    If it is to be it’s up to us.

    Yes We Can.

    Denham Goulbourne

    We Built USA, Canada, England, France and all the other countries in the world, Why can’t we Rebuild Africa?

    No problem…

    We all need to get to work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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